I was born in Bramblebank Kennels, Victoria, BC, Canada, and lived there for the first years of my life. During that time, I attended many dog shows and even won the group and finished the championship. I also gave birth to two litters of puppies. I met Marie the first time while I was traveling in Arizona. One year later, I moved in with her.

This was when my travel adventures began! Marie and I travel in an Airstream coach and we get to visit and explore some of the most spectacular places in the country. Every day is a new experience! My Adventure of Discovery: exploring new places, hiking new trails, meeting new people and animals, and making new friends!

Bits and pieces of my life story!

Hi, my name is Kristi Kay, KK for short!

This picture is from one of the shows in which I won the group and finished a championship. I sure look proud, don’t I? It was so much fun! I will always remember that experience. Even now I often walk and act the way I was trained to walk at shows.

I am a 15-pound Cairn Terrier. I travel with Marie in an Airstream trailer, and over the years I visited many spectacular places! After thousands of miles and hundreds of hikes, I have to admit that my favorite places to visit are our National Parks. Join me on my journey through America’s National Parks! Delight with me in their beauty, discover their history, hear the stories of animals that live there, and learn about the need to protect and honor these precious environments.